Wednesday  SUGILITE CHALLENGEAlternate Outfits

Peridot’s alternate outfit is a pale white dress with her revolutionary war boots and jacket, also with the animal leggings she see’s the humans wearing a lot.

Crystal, my bad gemsona!
her weapons are punch spicks that can extend to act as things like grappling hooks.


mine and my partners urls

Monday  Human Habits 

Peridot likes to hide under a blanket with coffee and laze around when it rains. When people try to get her to do things she just says ‘Its rainingggg, I don’t want to do anything.’ She seemed to have picked it up from one of her friends a really long time ago.

The gemsona week meme! Everyones were so cute, it made me want to make one of my own!

Mine and my partners gemfusion, Ammolite! I really like her she is so cool! :D

Sunday  Animal Companion/ Crystal Monster 

Peridot has a pet peacock she keeps in her temple room, she like to go in there and sing with it, when she has time.


Saturday  First Rookie Mission 

Fight giant spiders is not easy for a rookie. That my friends is the story at to why Peridot has a half shirt.

The last picture was going to be a bonus but my tumblr wouldn’t let me add it to the caption.

  • Friday  Shapeshifter 

    Peridot’s favorite things to shift into! I couldn’t just pick just one! There are a lot more things too, but these are the top!

I just love these gems! I had to draw them! :D
Helin is by Kiranohara
Aqua Marine is by Scorchedpoet
Celestine is by SarunoChan